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We are committed to take good care of our clients' needs with strict quality control system. We have full confidence in our products. Also, with our good service, quality and on-time delivery, we have managed to maintain steady growth for over 30 years.


We are an actual manufacturer. We are fully aware our clients' requirement, and give them our professional advice and various options from time to time.


Having customers from all around the world, we cherish everyone and have built many good relationships. We are always open to provide our service and the trouble-shooting.


With a 30-year-experience engineering team, we carefully select and manufacture products to satisfy end users' comfort of operation, also are proud to cooperate with many worldwide well known
companies’OEM/ODM projects.  In our range of Dispenseing Applicator, there are over 60 models for both DIY and professional fields.

To extend bounder facility in our own factory, we have established some sub-contracted factories that have equipped with unique or large scale machinery, such as fine Blanking, Aluminum Die Casting, Robot Welding, CNC Machining and so on, these make us more productive and capable in technical intensive mission.

To effect cost savings, all our productions only sell in volume, this principle results more economical products for the end user and greater profits for the distributor.

We recognized the importance of service and product development, we offer our constant service in packaging, delivery and quality, we are always welcome on any enquiries about the
merchandise we are carrying. It is our conviction to be one of the best sources in the world for sealant/chemical resin tool and trailer related accessories.

Our engineering team has been concentrating in manufacturing Dispensing Applicator (Caulking gun) for over 30 years. 
Product Range
In our range of Sealant applicator, there are over 60 models for both DIY and professional fields.
It is our conviction to be one of the best sources in the world for sealant/chemical resin tool.